The WA Climate Roundtable invites you to... Talk to Ten

You make a difference with the conversations that you have.


Sign the pledge to let your MP know that you'll be talking to ten friends, colleagues and neighbors about climate change before the Federal election!

FACT: We are influenced most by people we know, people whose opinions we trust and respect. You can change peoples’ minds by talking about climate. Conversations are important. Research shows that once a person’s view has been influenced by another, they become less open to influence by media and social networks.

Sign the Talk to Ten Pledge

How it works:

  1. Take on our challenge: have10 conversations about climate action with people you know
  2. To help you out, we’ve provided some hints about the latest on climate action in Australia, including facts and examples for each
  3. We’ve also included some tips for successful conversations
  4. This campaign is about keeping the action moving on climate. A successful conversation results in action. After atalking with you, your friends and family may want to know what they can do. Invite them to have conversations themselves, and take the pledge! You can send them a link to this page.



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